TEKTONIKH is one of the companies of the “Papanikola Bros” group. Since 1993, Ioannis Dion. Papanikola continues the building activity of the company on the solid bases founded by Dionysios Papanikolas.
Our many years of experience in the field of residential projects in combination with our know-how, ensures the high quality of our constructions and the modern way of construction.
For 60 years, our dominant value has been the development of a relationship of trust and consistency.

1960: In the 1960s, we started building apartments during the “continuous” building system mainly in the area of ILISIA.

1970: In the 1970s we were at the forefront of suburban development, especially in the north. So, wanting to offer modern constructions, in a quiet and healthy environment, away from noise and pollution, we moved our activity to the northern suburbs, building with the “free system “. We are one of the first constructions companies to adopt new building systems (free construction AN 395/68) rising the PANORAMA towers in Cholargos (1970) and GALINI in Agia Paraskevi (1974). At the same time, a large complex of summer apartments is being built in Kokkino Limanaki, Rafina, under the name “LOULOUDIA TOU EVOIKOU”.

1980: From a very early stage we deal with sea side apartments, office buildings, villas and since 1982 we have entered the tourism sector with the construction and operation of a hotel in the Makrigianni area.

1990: Since 1990 our office building is based in Melissia, 39 Pentelis Ave., in a privately owned modern office building, built by the Group. We have expanded throughout North and East Athens with the construction of shopping centers and apartment buildings (Vrilissia, Melissia, Agia Paraskevi, Kifissia, Penteli, Gerakas, Glyka Nera, Peania, Koropi, Pallini, etc.).

2000: From the 2000s we were engaged in the construction of shopping malls (shops, office buildings in shopping malls and residential complexes on large plots of land in the suburbs of Melissia, Vrilissia, Chalandri, Holargos, Agia Paraskevi, Spata). We have expanded our activity in the construction of summer apartments and Hotel Units.

2010: During the global economic crisis in the construction sector, we were engaged in renovations and new construction of single-house houses on demand. In the context of our continued development, we also extended to residential projects in Africa.

2020: We continue our activity with construction of new residential buildings in the northern suburbs of Athens that meet all the modern criteria for building and energy efficiency. The group consists of three offices corresponding to the children and grandchildren of the brothers Dionisios Vasilis and Fanis with a separate activity that are based on the building at Leoforos Pentelis 39 , Melissia.